Its a 'private concert', not to be confused with 'party entertainment' (although you're sure to
party too). It creates a real buzz. In fact the concept is more akin to Jools Holland's 'Later' in
your front room. We organise and orchestrate the entire evening to ensure it goes to plan.
You'll get a kick out of a great secret concert... it's a unique, intimate, musical experience.

You need a good sized comfortable room. We reckon a minimum of 50 and maximum of 120
guests works best for the perfect atmosphere.
We're unlikely to rearrange your room. It's better if it stays as is and we don't bring much kit.

We recommend that each guest pays a donation for their reserved place. It makes it so much
more special for everyone and affordable for the host. This is also part of the cool uniqueness
of a Secret Concert.

We design your personalised invites, help manage your guest list, and can organise catering
if needed. Basically we'll make the whole event smooth and easy.

WARNING! It's extremely cool to host, or be invited to a Secret Concert!

1. Check out our artist's or suggest someone else to us... you'd be surprised who we know.
2. Think of a few dates, preferably no sooner than say 6 weeks away.
3. Call us for a chat about it.