We're music lovers and love live music... but we've found that the experience of
'going to a gig' often leaves a lot to be desired. The most satisfying gigs are those where an intimate environment, a committed audience and a great performance combine to create a charged atmosphere. We found that artists agree, often feeling deprived of truly enjoyable and fulfilling gig experiences.

We thought about all this for a minute and decided to invite the artist to play round at ours! It was an outstanding success. We found ourselves at home surrounded by captivated friends, treated to an entirely private world class performance. Artist and audience were blown away by the electric atmosphere and unique intimacy of the event.

We have a mission, to put together great artists with passionate audiences
in intimate environments... anywhere.
We create concerts in homes.
We arrange carefully orchestrated events that ensure the perfect experience for the
host, their guests and the artists. We call them 'Secret Concerts'.

We're in cahoots with ‘UntiedArtists’. A radically new kind of music label.
Together we’re leading an ‘artists renaissance’ and liberating musicians and their music
to new opportunities.